Rewitching Your Life

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Here is a little taster of my forth coming book, Rewitching Your Life ™


Within each one of us is a witch, a walker between worlds, a powerful and magical healer, grounded in Nature, steeped in the knowledge of our ancestors.  Reclaiming the witch within us, is about empowering us of course, but it is also about taking responsibility for putting back in our life, the simple beauty that is our birth right.

The echoes of our primeval lives course our DNA, granting each and every one of us, the possibility of self-healing, of change, through understanding our very nature and rediscovering those forgotten connections we so need to heal ourselves, our community but also our Planet. 

In a society increasingly dominated by reductionist materialism, we need more than ever, for Magic to resurface from the depths of the Western subconscious, where civilisation and its side-kick organised religion, have been trying, rather too successfully, to bury it.     

Our power is our rightful inheritance.  It will enable us to heal our tribe, our Earth and ultimately ourselves….


The persecution of witches – root of our disempowerment.

The agenda of the religious and medical establishment in the Middle-Ages


It is important to stress, that despite the assumptions and clichés, witchery is not the prerogative of the female. 21bf01ee8b7c1e2eb4e600270163b62f.jpgHistorically speaking however, it is true, that of the hundred thousand or so witches who were killed during the Burning Times, 80% were women and girls.  The reasons behind this high percentage, is not that there were more female witches than males, but that there was a definite Papal and oligarchical agenda, aiming to put a stop to the freedom, aspirations and rights of women


A kind of Renaissance  where women had gained status and rights, had started in the 12th century .  It had gained momentum for many reasons, cultural and economical.  Occitania for example, was free from the feudal system and women there had  long enjoyed  financial and cultural independence. The trobairitz  (female troubadours) made their mark in the Arts and the Cathar faith, allowed them to be Perfects.

The wars and the Plague meant that, by the XVth century, women were often the only labourers left on the land.They were also in control of the textile production and they besen-illuminated-onf.jpg
wanted freedom to do as they pleased with their earnings.

Add to this the emergence of “the medical doctor”, fresh out of his ten years of study who didn’t like competition from “unlearned” women and men, and you will understand the need for the system  in place, to demonise healers, as a means to regain power. Instilling fear of the Other into the population to render it docile, was also a tactic used to firmly anchor that system.


Women were forbidden to attend Medical school, and this until the 1850’s.

blackdeathmask.jpgIt seems, that during the early Middle ages, the number of women doctors was roughly equal to that of the men and women such as Hildegarde de Bingen, or Trotula of Salerne were famed throughout Europe.
But soon the doors of Medicine were closed to all but a privileged few and they stayed tightly shut to women and the lower classes (as is still the case), keeping  thus,  healing, and health, in the hands of the wealthy and the powerful.

The witch-hunts like the culling of heretics and the various crusades, were solely mo1415837446_674650d2b4.jpgtivated by greed for wealth, land and power but cunningly disguised by the Church and the mighty, as righteous necessities to please their venal God. Things didn’t improve with the arrival of the Protestant faith, quite the opposite. The last witch executed in England was hung in 1808.  Whilst Helen Duncan, a medium,  was the last person to be prosecuted as a witch in  the UK, in 1944!Portrait_of_Helen_Duncan.jpg

Plus ça change…

To a certain extent, things haven’t changed all that much. The system we live in now, was put in place then and though Medicine has improved dramatically, it is still dominated by greed, protecting and being protected by the big pharmaceutical companies.
In France for example, healers still often end up in jail as it is illegal to practice “medicine” without a medical qualification .  images-2.jpgThe profession of herbalist was eradicated in 1941 and the excellent schools coupeurdefeu615x372.jpgwhich had been in place for three centuries were closed down. In Ireland many herbs such as Saint John’s Wort can only be obtained with prescription from your MD. Yet there is hope, as more and more hospitals in France, are unofficially referring burn victims, from chemotherapy or other, to “barreurs de feu”(healers who specialise in the healing  burns)bulure-du-bras-apres-21-jours-mai-2016.png.

But it is usually the nurse who will discretely slip you their phone number never the doctor or the professor.



Full Moon is (sexy) Power

We tend to forget that power is always within our reach and in this, the Moon is one of our strongest allies, if not the strongest.
Most Western traditions nowadays, view the Moon as synonymous with the Feminine, yet in some languages, such as German and Sanskrit for example, the Sun is female and the Moon, male.  The attribution of essentially feminine qualities comes it seems, from the Romance languages.  Although at one time, most lunar deities were masculine, it wasn’t unusual to sometimes see two lunar deities, female and male – godly job sharing!

26995Of course the fact that the cycle of the Moon corresponds with that of women, makes the identification with a female heavenly body, unavoidable.

Whatever energy you choose to focus or harness, the fact remains that this is a time bursting with a most powerful yet mysterious energy.



Empowering ourselves can be as simple as discovering who this mysterious friend is, and tuning ourselves to her/his cycles.

In a previous blog, we saw that the New Moon was the perfect time for new beginnings, now, let’s take a glance at the powers that a Full Moon can bring to our lives.
Without a doubt, if it is Power we are looking for, the Full Moon is where we will find it!  Now is the time to replenish yourself, fill yourself to the brim with Magic and let the lunar energy heal you.


So charge yourself, your batteries, your water, your crystals, your tarot deck, your love life…the cat and the kitchen sink too, whilst you’re at it!
Seriously though, it is a perfect time to rekindle your relationship and instill it with some energetic fire works, so a touch of sex Magic might go a long way too!


Blessed by this abundance of Moonlight, your spells will be highly charged.
I suggest that if at all possible, at this most sacred of times, you should be in Nature. Go bare feet (at least for a short while), thus earthing yourself. Like a lightning rod, become a conductor of energies between the Heavens and the Earth.

Let the iridescent light pour into you.  Let that nacreous elixir feed your soul.



prag 3There is a myriad of things for a witch to delve into – from psychology to cooking, from herbalism to seduction, not to mention mythology and the more esoteric arts. But knowing and understanding are the basis for acceptance and therefore love. Without acceptance and love you cannot heal anyone, least of all yourself.  Without healing,  your strength and power are limited.

Keeping a journal, is one of the best tools for self-knowledge, getty-diaryanother one being introspection. Introspection!  We don’t do much of that, nowadays!  It is as if we were scared to face ourselves. We choose to be dizzied with the constant stimuli of phones, social networks and TV.  Even meditation can be another cunning ploy to avoid looking at who we are, whilst feeling slightly self-righteous. Don’t get me wrong, I think meditation is wonderful and an invaluable  spiritual  tool but looking in the mirror, in our soul is necessary. Imagine a doctor who would make a diagnostic without looking at the patient! And of course we are both the patient and doctor.

The ego isn’t a monster!
The self, better known nowadays as the ego, seems to be taking quite a battering from all sides these days, being either over-inflated or so deflated as to be completely pointless.

You just can’t win!  But why would you want to anyway?  It’s not a war!

It’s all about balance.  400929695-laetitia-gonnon-high-line-slackline-corde-raide-abimeI once met this amazing guy who made a habit of strutting effortlessly on ropes swinging above vertiginous abysses.  I imagine that when you’re up there, you don’t want to feel tense or nervous because you don’t really know all that much about tight rope walking.  What you want is to be totally confident and therefore relaxed, and that can only come from hours of practice and the firm knowledge that you know exactly what you’re doing.  Same thing with the ego, the more you know – about yourself or any given subject you have chosen, the more balanced it will become.
And because Knowledge is Power and  Power is choice. Choosing Knowledge is the way to empowerement.


New Moon = New Beginnings


The Moon is a wonderful helper on our path, its energy fluctuates between growth and withdrawal. Both states are necessary – the seed needs to be rooted deep as it shoots for the light.
Of course gardeners are witchy people too, even if they don’t know it, and will plant or prune according to the phases of the Moon. The Moon is at its darkest when it’s new and that darkness is what will nurture and germinate all seeds including our intentions. This is the perfect time to start a project!

But remember to take it slowly and make sure it is well rooted and not rushed.  If it is not, like any young shoot, it will get all leggy and collapse.  And seeing I am on a gardening analogy,  treat  your project like the tender sapling that it is.  It will be fragile for a while and will need some dedication and  TLC, to reach maturity. New beginnings need feeding, support AND protection!

Witchery is Magic with pragmatism!

The New Moon is also the perfect time for getting rid of habits which no longer serve us and a great time to start a detox, diet or fast.

0ca99b740e3c9c4cc4dea93d4a063d18.jpgMake some New Moon Water, it will assist you in instilling the right type of energy into your intentions.
Though there are many recipes available, I suggest making it intuitively. You will know instinctively what will work best for you

I use stones/crystals which are very personal and emotionally charged.  I have been collecting rocks and stones since I was a very young child :-), so you can imagine I have quite an arsenal!  The plants used, will also vary according to the intention or the state of mind for example, oak is great for strength and rose will imbue your water with love.  And of course – make sure your plants are not chemically treated! Unfortunately, that rules out most shop bought flowers but hey, no better time to start growing your own.
So now, off you go and get that new empowered you, on the way!